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In October, 2002, Ion Balu, M.M. (pronounced ee-ON BAH-loo) established Balu Musik.  Now, our company produces the world's best  Horn straight mute, we provide the world's only  Horn practice mute with Negligible Air Resistance and the world's only stop mute that projects the sound forward.  We are proud to present "Because it works", the best trumpet mute in the world, a mute that will change the way you play muted; along with the best Trombone straight mute, Euphonium, Wagner tuba, and the undeniably best Tuba mutes in the world

Our horns are becoming the horns of choice in the 21st century, and our customers agree with that. Let there be no doubt that our success will be shared in more than one way with all of you who are making this possible. Thank you!

All of our products are hand-built in the U.S.A.  We endeavor to continuously refine our products, even after surpassing our competition.  Congratulations for becoming another owner of a Balu product.  Your investment will prove worthwhile for years to come. 
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Danielle Kuhlmann, member of the very dynamic Genghis Barbie all female horn group, with her 3 Balu mutes and the Abalone valve caps #5. Note that the mute in the middle is a Bling mute we created  for the Barbie's and is available exclusively  from Siegfried's Call. You can purchase the Genghis
Barbie Bling mute here.  Please visit Genghis Barbie on their website.

Danielle on her valve caps:
I got the valve caps bak yesterday!
They look AMAZING!!! Thank you!
Can't wait for all the Barbies to have them!!
Dear Ion,

I think that I have been playing the horn long enough to say that without a doubt it is now a better horn in every way(...)
The notes are very centered in all registers without giving the feeling that I am being stuck in brackets. It also keeps the same resistance on every note giving the horn a much improved flow throughout.
I feel that the horn has kept all the qualities that I liked about the 8Ds but now plays like a very good hand made horn(...)
I will be talking a lot about your leadpipe and the work you have done to my horn(...)
I just came back from playing a very long brass quintet concert in Budapest and I can sincerely say that the lead pipe and the work you did on my horn made better and a lot easier to play.

Thank you again for all your work.
Javier Gandara, Third horn, Metropolitan Opera New York
Javier's Conn 8D with our newly installed Liquid Double-Wall Leadpipe.
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Phil Munds, Principal horn with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra about our Mastered Conn 8D:

"Last year I bought an older 8D M series from a friend of mine.  I really liked the horn's sound and feel.  It took me back to play a vintage horn like this again.   My thought in buying it was to have fun with it and play it occasionally. I felt that there were issues with the horn that would keep me from performing with it very often. I felt like the high range was pretty uncentered and just hard to play, also the horn was not very even from low it high with differing resistance's in different registers. This same friend that I bought the horn from told me about the Balu liquid leadpipe and said that it was really amazing.  Of course I knew of Ion's mutes as I own and play two of them. So, I decided to give this pipe a try.  I sent of my horn to Ion. It took no time at all for the work to be done. Ion went through the entire horn working his magic with the air fluidization process and making sure that the joints and curves are smooth on the inside.  He installed the liquid leadpipe and the workmanship was beautiful.  I got the horn back in about a week and from the first notes I could tell that this was going to be good!  The horn responded so fast and felt so easy that it made me laugh.  The more I played it the better it got.  I found the high register open and easy to play.  The horn had completely evened out as the registers were easily played through up and down.  I continued to laugh at how easy this horn had become to play especially compared to what it had been.  One thing that I was happy about was that the horn retained the basic classic 8D sound but it seemed to be cleaner and somewhat more focused.  The horn definitely holds together at louder volumes and projects much better than it used to in general. So basically by putting on this pipe and getting the Balu Mastering process done, this horn has transformed from a nostalgic once in a while horn, to a very nice very playable orchestral and solo horn.  I am obviously thrilled with the decision to get this pipe. So much that I had to complete the horn with some gorgeous turquoise abalone valve caps.  I am having so much fun playing this 8D now.  Thanks Ion!
ABC24 interview with Mr. Balu. Click here!
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